Law of Love & The Mathematics of Spirituality

Raju Sitaram Chidambaram, Ph.D.

Spirituality is the ultimate frontier of science, beyond even Physics or any other science. Spiritual knowledge has existed among us for thousands of years, yet by and large, most of us are ignorant of its vital need for both man and society. The Association of spirituality with religions (rather than with science) has led to a gross misunderstanding of its true nature and role in life. This is indeed most unfortunate. There is a great need now to promote a correct understanding of human spirituality among people globally; the very survival of mankind may depend on our success in achieving this. Spiritual health is also at least as important as physical health in ensuring happiness at the individual level; even a little bit of spirituality can go a long way in bringing peace and sanity to our daily lives.

By adopting the methods of mathematical modeling and analysis well known in other scientific disciplines, Law of Love & The Mathematics of Spirituality” has opened up an exciting new field of scientific inquiry that should bring increasing clarity and precision to any discussion on spirituality. The book is just a modest beginning of what could be a very vast and vital field, ripe for investigation by other scientists and philosophers. The author welcomes critical reviews of this work with the firm belief that they will certainly lead to further progress in this vitally important field.