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Law of Love & The Mathematics of Spirituality

Raju Sitaram Chidambaram, Ph.D.

What you get on marrying the eternal wisdom of Vedantic philosophy with
the precision of mathematics is a new powerful way to discuss and understand human spirituality. This thought-provoking book is equally relevant to the work of scientists, students of spirituality, philosophers, and social scientists including economists.

Teachers and students of spirituality will no longer have to depend solely on words for exchanging ideas; they will find in this book ways to communicate spiritual concepts such as detachment, bondage, suffering, and liberation, through graphs and equations.

Scientists will find in this book a confirmation of the observation of Schrodinger, Bohm, and other physicists regarding the similarities of modern science with eastern philosophies. God, it would appear, has used similar mathematics in designing both the spiritual and material realms. Thus, a fundamental law of spirituality, namely the Law of Love expressing the inverse relationship between universal, unconditional love and suffering, is shown to be a mathematical twin of the equally fundamental relationship between space and time in Relativity

Altruistic love is the means and end of spiritual perfection for an individual. It is also the antidote to the various stress and strife inflicted on society by political, commercial, and religious conflicts. Social scientists and economists, this book concludes, will not succeed in their effort to design a just and prosperous world without promoting spiritual education that alone can engender love and cooperation.

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