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Law of Love & The Mathematics of Spirituality is a trailblazing book that should be in the “must read” list of anyone with interest in spirituality, science, religion, or philosophy.

In this pioneering work, Raju Chidambaram reveals the scientific basis of spirituality by expressing the spiritual wisdom of Vedānta through the mathematical language of science. What unfolds is a graceful melding of Vedānta and Science, affording the reader the broad vision necessary to appreciate many significant questions of our time from philosophy and physics to evolution and economics.

Educating all people in the science of spirituality, the author suggests, offers the best hope yet for peace and prosperity in a world rift by many spurious political and religious ideologies.


ISBN 13 (SC): 9781456795009 - $ 14.95
ISBN 13 (HB): 978145674996 - $ 19.99
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781456794989

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